It's About Time!

The year is 1959. Raymond Drake sits at work, cheerfully thinking about his future. Little does he know, just outside his humble office building a thrilling adventure awaits him that will plunge him head first into a detour of terrifying robots, sinister plot weaving appliance tycoons and a gigantic time machine that will change his life forever!

Through the time-tested art of stop-motion animation, "Time and Time Again" molds a tale in an incredible three dimensions that draws you into every detail!

Starring Mild-Mannered Raymond Drake
Ramble at the Ready

So Many Buttons

The Machinating Mr. Galt

The Lovely Janet Billmore

and introducing ROBOT,
 a hulking mass of metallic fury!


Watch the clock for "Time and Time Again"!

And be sure to follow the making of this picture in a special online web journal: the "Time And Time Again" Production Blog!

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