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Saturday, March 12, 2005

It's Saturday. The Sound Stage is closed. That means I'm blogging!

I'm down to the final days shooting with the humongous Time Machine, and I have a funny story. While painting the Time Machine, I was putting on coat after coat of paint, so I could get the thing nice and shiny. And of course, while being very delicate with the thing, a giant hunk of metal in the scenery storage area banged into it, creating small but very noticeable gash. So I was at a loss. What should I do? I prayed about it, which is what I usually try to do first when these things happen. (And even when they don't!) I realized I didn't have time to paint it again, because I needed to get shooting. So it donned on me that I could use a little intricate set piece that I had built for a gimmick in a previous version of the story, a lie detector, which was now unusable.

At one point, I had an idea that Galt would use a lie detector to see if Drake was really Drake or not. It was a small rectangular box with an oscilloscope type thing on one side and two little lights on the other labeled "truth" and "lie". Kinda hokey. When I did a new version of the story, I had to throw that idea out out because it would take too long for Galt to use it, and (I think) wouldn't have been as entertaining as the way he finds out the truth now. The new version tries to prove the truth to the audience visually and with a joke. Always more fun, for me and, hopefully, the audience.

So I now have this lie detector glued onto the Time Machine to cover the gash. It fits fantastically. It really breaks up the symmetry in a good way. Not only does it work nicely from a design standpoint, but I'm even now using it for visual storytelling cues in the film in ways I couldn't have done before. There is a point (small spoiler alert, I suppose!) where Galt has a remote trigger to set off the Time Machine. So now, when he presses it, there is something on the Time Machine that can respond in an immediate and visual way. It's always nice when that happens!

Fits just right!

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