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Saturday, April 23, 2005

"So, you made the movie, and now you want to make it again?"
--Question posed to Edward D. Wood, Jr. in the Tim Burton bio-pic, Ed Wood.

Thanks to my Dad, I now have a digital camera to post images more regularly here! Hooray! So here's a batch to start things off right! Like the quote says, I'm gettin' ready to shoot a scene that I already partially shot, but this time... better!

First off I moved into this room, the same side room adjacent to the sound stage where Joe was working in this post. I moved here because I'm not using the motion control rig for the scenes I'm shooting next, and I wanted to free up the sound stage for other folks.

The new room is called: Scenery Storage.

It looks a little crowded in this picture, but really it's not so bad. Having everything close together makes it easier to reach all the buttons I need to push, and see the TV when I'm shooting. Pictured in photo:

-- The character Mr. Galt, whose face looks like a smudge!
-- The old timey video lunchbox I've switched to using.
-- My "WOW" War of the Worlds hat they gave me at WonderCon!
-- The TV monitor.

This photo includes the Track-O-Rama, for those fun tracking shots, and an electric tea kettle, for those fun cups of tea!

A close-up on the Lunchbox. I switched to this lunchbox because the old lunchboxes, with the "high resolution" feature, seem to give a more even representation of the picture (512x512) than the new lunchbox, which seems to only record on field at a time. (640x240) Pictured also are Galt's replacement mouths and other miscellaneous Galt paraphernalia.

Light and flag over Galt.

All lit up!

But my favorite part of the new location: The chicken picture.


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