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Sunday, June 26, 2005


In part to help stay on the subject of stop-mo filmmaking here at the TATA-Prod-Blog, my friend Sean and I have begun a new web-zine to talk about the other stuff: movies and sci-fi in general, but especially classic b-movies and period TV shows. It is there that I, along with fellow animator and sci-fi b-movie fan, Sean Dicken and a few other visiting aficionados will hope to inform and amuse you with news, reviews, funny pictures and especially links! So if you like the flavor of this film and Skullwell Predicts, be sure to check out: "The Gargon Terror!", at gargonterror.com!

Why "Gargon Terror"? You may have already seen a few Gargon references on this blog: the theater, the shadow, the red one. Well, they are all inspired by the great Gargon, the shadowy lobster monster from the b-movie classic: Teenagers From Outer Space!


I should probably post this on the gargon site proper, but could you do a small feature someday on SciFi comedies? Not B-movies & TV that a rich w/ inintentional laughs, but modern movies (that might refer to them.) Mars Attacks, Galaxy Quest, Hitchiker's, Red Dwarf, yadda. That's a niche that doesn't get enough play, IMHO.

Okay, out.
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