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Saturday, June 11, 2005

It's incredibly brief movie time! So sit back, make some popcorn and get a big 20oz Dr Pepper to watch the latest 6:05 seconds of animation from "Time and Time Again"!

To set up this clip: After comparing photos, Mr. Galt realizes Robot has brought in the wrong duck.

>CLIP< (4MB)

Comments/Critiques welcome!

Dude, looks nice.
Took forever to load... Can you compress the video a bit tho so it loads a little faster?
I am really blown away with the smooth , subtle style of your animation man!

Keep it up!
Ah, so subtle, so nice. You and and Aardman, that last saviors of puppet anim, lol.

Btw, your last Frank & Ollie quote regarding "Jungle Book" is spot on, particularly after seeing Madagascar, which seemed lacking in both story and character dev.
Proving that shooting puppets on "two's" can look like swirling butter. Nice use of that line of dialogue, theatrical stuff. I guess you don't always have to save the drama for your mamma, now do you?
hi, this realy is looking great! i like the lighting very much. i'm starting with stop-mo so looking at your site and seeing all the making of your film it's a very helpfull thing!
this character is well done and the animation too. i hope you put more videos to download soon, i want to see more!!
i've just done a blog but there is nothing there yet, i have a fotolog if you want to take a look at www.fotolog.net/wayne_cambell
any way, congratulations and i will be checking the site often to see the progress!! bye!
Dude! That really *IS* sweet! And nary a jiggle of the sleeve.

I'm a sort-of blogger myself, though not affiliated with a blog network... I just format it myself, trying to make it look like a real blog. And you and Tennessee and Misha are great inspiration!
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