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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Thanks, everyone for your responses! It's always good to get feedback on animation. I noticed most of the comment folks were bloggers! I definitely recommend checking out their blogs! They've got some of the great ones!

For this week, I'm starting to wrap up Galt's speaking shots on this set. He's had one heck of a workout these past months, yet amazingly his neck wire has not given out! He did need to have the square stock that holds the wire in place re-glued. (With JB Quick, great stuff to have for those taking notes at home!) And that loose shoulder ball just wouldn't do any more. I had to go in and re-affix it (with a hammer). I think he's going to make it!

As seen in this picture, his head is very droopy, and his left arm doesn't move! (That's okay, it worked for the shot.)

Galt's shoulder adjustment:

Those are the latest in appliance dials in the folder. Good reading, I am sure.

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