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Saturday, July 09, 2005

I'm at a friend's computer today. The hard drive on my home computer crashed yesterday! It's the computer I blog from and tweak the storyreel with. (Fortunately, all the animation footage is on a separate hard drive at school. Yay!) But don't worry, I think it was only my boot disk, and hopefully all the scanned storyboards are okay on another hard drive in the computer.

But I always like to blog with a picture, and so let me see what I can dig up from the archives...

Here's another shot of the Motion Control rig on the street set. You can see the threaded rod holding up the set. Also, the Sculpy baking toaster oven is in the lower left hand corner, next to the waste basket.

Here's the messy side of "Worried Pig". Foam core and white poster paper.

And here's a better look at the Drake's building facade, before I went to Kinko's and had them print out a bunch of window frames on transparencies, which I cut out and glued in the window holes. I think I was testing to see if the transparencies would be the right size. I would print out the frames on regular paper, which I then cut and placed them in the window gap to see if it looked right. You can also see a bunch of the store front displays down at the bottom! Neat! Cut outs of old ads from the fifties.

Also interesting to note: I modeled this building after a real one I found in a book of classic architecture. Little did I know this same building is featured in The Godfather. (When Kay and Michael are talking in front of department store at Christmastime, that's the one!) So I guess I have a little Godfather nod. Cool.

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