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Friday, September 16, 2005


I needed a clock for the new studio. Why not a classic "starburst" wall clock? Made quick and dirty out of styrene and a six-dollar clock kit. Oh, and glue. Superglue. It will need paint someday (most likely a stately copper), but for now it does a pretty good job telling the time without it.

Also: Lights, a green wall and other things the studio needs are being worked on, but aren't as photogenic... yet!

hi, i'm still waiting more previews of your animation after the one of "would you show this man the door..." i watch it 100 times allready and i love it! besides that what you are doing here it realy realy great for my stop mo short film (an exercice for school actualy) that i am about to star in a few weeks after the pre production in done, and all your photos, the way of lightins, the sets, the way you guy put the camara on that rail, the construction of the characters gave me lots of ideas about how to do somo stuff. as i said the last time, i check the blog almost every day but lately there is no much action going on here, i supose you must be very bussy with the animation but i would love to see more datails about the progress, well...keep it up! bye!
Julián from Argentina
Thanks Julian!

I'm actually not doing any animation at the moment. So I haven't had many interesting pictures or news to post! Also, I'm probably not going to be posting a whole lot of animation, just so I can keep the movie more fresh when it's finally put out there. One way you don't have to keep checking here over and over is to use an aggregator or blog reader, like "bloglines.com." It's one site that will check many blogs for you and tell you when there is an update on each of them, including this one.

Unfortunately, this blog is not priority number one for me, finishing the movie is! So I only post when there is something of interest. Lately there hasn't been, because I'm working on getting a studio set up so I can start shooting again. But hopefully I can start posting with a little more frequncy sooner than later!

If you'd like more info about doing stop-mo, I would definitely check out stopmotionanimation.com, which has a fantastic forum for all things stop-mo. They've got a ton of info and people eager to give you advice!

Oh, and everyone should go see the Corpse Bride! An awesome film! It was also shot on digital still cameras. It seems almost all the technology to do a stop-mo film is becoming available to the average Joe. Cool!

Keep up the good work, Julian!

You honor your wallpaper with a most appropriate time-piece. Ahh, when an object transcends the term, "prop" and becomes a "useful item" that is a good day.
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