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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Emeryville, California: where the best coffee in the world is roasted and shipped to stores and people everywhere! Yes, Peet's coffee is located here and if you ever get a chance to taste their wares, please do. You won't be disappointed. But Emeryville isn't just known for the production of excellent coffees and teas. No! Did you know that right down the street from Peets HQ, there is also an animation company? There is! It's called "Pixar" and boy, can they make some fantastic films! Remember the name: Pixar! I just know someday they'll go far.

In seriousness, I'm a huge sucker for Pixar. They are really the best movie studio in existence right now. And I got to visit the other day! A friend of mine invited me up to see their very cool "public space" which was well worth the visit. They had a ton of Incredibles stuff out: beautiful artwork, sculptures... even the furniture in the lobby had that mid-century long and low look like the movie. Awesome. Kudos to you Pixar! Keep up the excellent work that reminds us why we all want to go to the movies!

Meanwhile, I continue to sand before the next coat...

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