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Monday, October 03, 2005

The fun stuff! Sanding!

My old friend spackle makes another visit to the set. In order to make sure the wall was flat enough to make a suitable green screen, I called in another favor from spackle. He's doing good these days. Works on a lot of small projects, and likes to keep busy. He helped out with the Rambler and the Time Machine. His specialty? Smoooothness.

If this thing works out, it will hold lights above the set without the need of a bunch of c-stands or drilling holes in the walls. I got the idea from a similar type of pole that we used to hang lights on at SF State. Thankfully this one is not spring loaded. (That was a pain!) One needs only to turn the end to tighten it into place.

That thing at the end there is just a little adjustable shower curtain rod bought from the hardware store.

Awesome wall rod! You're a wellspring of resourceful ideas- An intimate knowledge of the hardware store helps, I'm sure.

Let's hear it for spackle! What can't it do?
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