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Thursday, October 13, 2005


The lovely Janet.

Or at least part of her.

Her feet are aluminum because Magic Sculpt, although easy to form, can't handle tie down screws very well.

It's nice to see you posting the work-in-progress stuff...and pluggin' PEET's. I love that they pay people alright and offer benefits. The Russian Caravan is a good, smokey tea.
I gotta say that in my book Aardman de-throned Pixar with Wallace & Gromit feature. It is a close race, but clay wins over pixels every time.
by the way,
THANKS for my tin of tea!
Thanks, Mish! It's good to be back. Making things. Yes. With a jazz on the radio and Peet's in my cup. Mmmm... smokey.
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