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Friday, October 14, 2005

"Period Adjustment Corner" at The Studio.

Which includes: A framed Ed Wood promotional still, interchangeable monster movie posters (right now showing "Day The Earth Stood Still"), the aforementioned Hot Rod Life magazine poster, "It! The Terror from Beyond Space" postcard (Kienholz!), two Aquabats trading cards (The Bat Commander AND Crash McLarson!) and last but not least a Haunted Mansion postcard. (Thanks Sean and Nich for most of this cool stuff!)

There are also: C47s, emergency spackle, "Shipwreck Red" Wine, the FCP4 box (and manuals), a bunch of helpful animation books, I think my Pixar visitor's badge is on that piece of paper and... Can you spot the Gargon?

Also, in stop motion, ventilation is very important.

That window will be all covered up eventually, but now with a way to get air through!

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